Client Testimonials
 I just wanted to send this note as a personal thank you to you and your staff for doing such a great job on our office! We are all very pleased with the quality of your work as well as thecourtesy of your workers.

Dr. Howad S. Kahan
Queens, NY



Greenlife Construction Corp.

Address : 2561 Laconia Ave
Zipcode : 10469
State : NY
City : Bronx
Phone : 347-389-2025


Roofing Work New York City

Greenlife have skilled roofer installing and repairing rood since long. We have complete roof installation experience both for commercial and residential building across the New York City. Shingle roofing is common in New York City for residential building; we repair and or reinstall all kind of shingle roofs in New York City, queens, Bronx and Brooklyn. We also do rubber roofing and or flat roofing both with glue or touch method. We can remove you old roof and its decking completely and install new decking with brand new roof. Roof leaks are the big problem due to strange weather patterns in New York City. We fix all kind of roof leak and also gutter. Roofing and siding may not be glamorous, and they may be relatively expensive until it comes time to sell your house. A guaranteed 30-year roof will definitely increase the price you can ask. The same is true of siding. And siding has the added benefit of never needing paint. Think how many thousands of dollars that can save you over the years!